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Directions to our Lodge

Lodge address: 8473 Rainbow Avenue, Kings Beach, CA 96143.

GPS Coordinates: 39.238544,-120.023736

These directions are from the Bay Area or Sacramento traveling east on I-80. Distances are from Sacramento.

Take the exit onto I-80 E toward Reno, 101 mi
Take the CA-89/CA-267 exit toward Sierraville/Lake Tahoe, 0.3 mi
Turn right onto CA-267 E, 11.6 mi
Turn left onto N Lake Blvd, 0.4 mi
Turn left onto Bear St, 0.1 mi
Take the 2nd right onto Rainbow Ave, destination will be on the left, 230 ft

About the Lodge

Our fully owned lodge is located in Kings Beach, Lake Tahoe. It sleeps up to 32 in 9 bedrooms, 5 of the rooms 2 persons (semi-private) and the others 4 or 6 persons in bunks. It has 2 full bathrooms, 3 half bathrooms and 2 shower cubicles.

Our living room has 3 comfy couches, some chairs and a cozy fireplace.

It's conveniently situated for most ski/snowboard resorts including Northstar, Diamond Peak, Alpine Meadows, Squaw Valley, Homewood and even Heavenly. Sugar Bowl and Boreal and good choices on the journey to or from our lodge.

Our lodge has flat parking for 10-15 cars, more at a squeeze. We are just 2 blocks from the beach and several restaurants, bars, 7-11, Rite Aid and other small stores. A full sized Safeway is close by.

For more information about Reservations and Staying at the Lodge, please refer to that section in the FAQ.

  • 15 mins to Northstar, 20 to Squaw & Alpine
  • 3 blocks to the beach and TART bus line
  • Full kitchen setup (3 refrigerators, 2 stoves, supplies, dishes and cookware)
  • Common room with fireplace and stereo
  • Ski tuning, bike shed, hot tub, grills/tables, large parking lot, 2 kayaks
  • Check out the house layout
  • Pictures of The Lodge

Lodge address: 8473 Rainbow Avenue, Kings Beach, CA 96143. Phone: 530-553-1062.

GPS Coordinates: 39.238544,-120.023736

Placer County TOT certificate number #7519

Lodge Rules

All members & guests will....

  1. Abide by the Après Ski & Social Club code of conduct
  2. Follow lodge use, registration and check-out procedures.
  3. Leave No Trace
  4. Not bring pets/animals onto lodge property
  5. Not bring glass into the hot tub
  6. Keep the fireplace door closed when in use
  7. Smoke/vape in the assigned area only.
    (between the blue shed and dumpster)
Cancellation Policy for Semi-Private Room Reservations
  1. Club canceled activity - full refund
  2. Cancellations up to one week before the activity - full refund.
  3. Cancellations three days before the activity, 8 p.m. - 50% refund.
  4. Cancellations that are less than 3 days before the activity, 8 p.m. - no refund.
  5. If you cancel, in accordance with our cancellation policy, your refund will be issued in the form of E-Coupons which may be used for a future stay.
  6. If you have requested a refund and have any questions email reservations@apres.org
  7. No refund for no shows.
Lodge Checkin-Checkout Procedures

Arrival Checklist:

Welcome! Greet your fellow members and re/introduce yourself to those you don't know.

  • Complete online registration process and prepay via PayPal.
  • Write your name on the bed chart behind the front door.
  • Label your food in the refrigerator.
  • Place your nonperishable food on a table on the back wall of the dining room.
  • Enjoy your stay!

Departure Checklist:

  • I treated our lodge, our fellow members and their guests with respect and care.
  • I cleaned up after myself & left our lodge as it should be or better than I found it.
  • I completed my lodge responsibility/ies within 24 hours of my departure.
  • I cleaned, at time of use - dining room, kitchen, living room, BBQs area, hot tub area.
  • I emptied/started the dishwasher, trash and recycling as needed.
  • The room I slept in is vacuumed, surfaces are dusted, clean, the window/s are locked & the wastebasket is empty.
  • The bathroom/s I used (toilet, floor, mirror) is clean & wastebasket is empty.
  • The shower/s I used is clean the rug is hung, pan & floor clean, with no hair left behind.
  • I've removed all my personal items from the lodge and property.
  • I've erased my name from bed chart behind the front door.
  • I've settled my account, my stay is paid for.

Applies to ALL members & guest/s

Reservations and Staying at the Lodge

Reservations are available for SEMI-PRIVATE rooms, on Friday and Saturday nights only. A member can reserve a deluxe-room bed in a semi-private room and an additional bed for one (1) guest in the same room up to thirty (30) days in advance. Additional beds in semi-private rooms can be reserved for guests of the same member only seven (7) days in advance. Members have priority more than 7 days in advance. Reservations can be made by Wednesday at noon prior to the next weekend.

Bunk beds cannot be reserved, and are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

If one person is occupying a semi-private room, they may be asked to share that room with another member. We are a coed club.

Members and guests must bring their own linens and toiletries (sleeping bags, sheets to cover the mattresses, towels,etc.) Forget something ? There is a well-stocked Rite-Aid within walking distance.

Guests are limited to 3 (THREE) guests per member during ski season and 5 (FIVE) guests per member during summer and shoulder seasons.

Want to change rooms ? DO NOT change rooms (especially if you have a reservation for a semi-private) without checking with the Resident Manager, reservations@apres.org, or the whiteboard. Changing without following procedure may result in your suspension !

Our Lodge is a treasured resource, a place for companionship and friendship.

Geolocation Explained

Some functions of the new website are ONLY available when one is physically at the lodge. Two such functions are:

  • Check in at the lodge.
  • Book a room while at the lodge (for bunk rooms, midweek, and unreserved semi-private rooms.

There are three methods that users can use to access the above functions:

  1. Use the Apres Lodge laptop
  2. Use one's own device when the device is using the lodge WiFi network
  3. Use one's own device when within 2,250 feet of the lodge. To use this method, the device must permit the web browser to access the device's geolocation functionality. Various devices, various web browsers - each go about this in their own unique way.

Hope that helps with this functionality !

Paying for Reservations

When you make a reservation at the lodge, it is not confirmed until payment is logged by the system. When you use the PayPal link on the confirmation page, the system will confirm your reservation within two minutes.

If you opt to pay by check, or if you independently pay via PayPal, the system has no way of knowing that your payment is associated with your pending reservation.

The system holds pending reservations for a finite amount of time, after which the unconfirmed reservation is cancelled by the system.

You can lose your reservation if you do not use the PayPal link on the reservation confirmation page.

Children/Youth at the Lodge

Children/youth are defined as ages 6-17. No children under the age of 6 are allowed to stay at the lodge.

Children accompanied by a member shall be allowed to attend Club organized events when such events are specifically planned for family-type activities.

Children must be supervised by the accompanying member at all times. A child is to stay in the same room as their parent or guardian.

Current Room Rates

Welcome! Here are our current room rates, including 12% lodging taxes:


  • Semi-private rooms: $44.80
  • Bunk room: $33.60
  • Guests (must be accompanied by a member):

  • Semi-private rooms: $51.52
  • Bunk room: $39.20
  • Youth (ages 6-17) (must be accompanied by parent or guardian, and must share the room with them):

  • Semi-private room: $30.91
  • Bunk room: $23.52

Rooms MUST be paid for either prior to your visit, or when you are at the Lodge. No exceptions ! This applies to ALL members & guest/s. There is a $10 fee per person, per occurrence for failure to pay.

Instructions to reset your password
  • Go to www.apres.org
  • Select Create Your Password (Dark orange box, middle of screen).
  • Enter your e-mail in the “password reset screen”….must be the same e-mail that is in your Apres profile.
  • You will receive an email with a temporary password in a few minutes.
  • Make sure to check your Junk, Promotions (especially if you are using gmail) or Spam folders if you do not see the email in 5 minutes.
  • In the e-mail you receive there will be a temporary password.
  • Copy that temporary password.
  • Select the link to reset password.
  • In the reset screen:
  • Paste the temporary password in the temporary password section.
  • Then enter your new password and select submit.
  • Your new password must be between 8 and 20 characters in length, use UPPER and lower cases, a number and any of these special characters: ! $ % # & . ~ _
  • Your password is now reset and you can now sign in.
How to make (change, cancel) an advance reservation
  1. Sign in.
  2. Select Lodge tab.
  3. Under Staying at the Lodge, select "Make an advance reservation (and change, cancel, finalize payment)"
    A window will pop up with a calendar and Reservations for xxxx (your name).
    Advance reservations are available only on weekends, and only for semi-private rooms.
    Also, you can only book up to 30 days in advance.
  4. In the green Selector Calendar at the left, select the weekend dates you are staying, for EACH night you are staying.
    You can also use the Room Filter to chose/eliminate rooms.
  5. Select the number of members (and guests/kids, if applicable) for the room you select for that night.
    Please note:
    • For example: if you stay 2 nights then 2 lines will EACH need to be updated for the total number of members (and guests/kids, if applicable) you are booking.
    • Once you selected a room, it may be advantageous to filter for that room.
    • Generally, pick the SAME room for each night of your stay.
    • Guest/kids registration will require additional steps.

  6. Select "Finalize and Pay" (at the bottom of Room display)
    • This brings you to the Reservation Confirmation page, and shows the total amount owed.
    • Click on the green button “Pay with PayPal (and or coupons).
    • This will take you directly to the PayPal website to pay for your stay.
    • It is required to pay for the room and check-in (see prior instructions) before moving into the room.

If you do not use the PayPal link, your reservations are NOT guaranteed.

If you instead click on “Check and hold it”, the reservation will be “on hold” and NOT finalized.
In this case, your tentative reservation will time out in 5 minutes.
Electric Vehicle Charging Prohibited

The charging of any electric vehicle using Apres Lodge power is strictly prohibited.

If your vehicle needs to be charged it is your responsibility to find another location at which it can be charged.

If your electric vehicle is at the lodge and it will not start due to no charge, it is your responsibility to have it towed to a charging station.

Anyone who violates this policy will have their membership permanently terminated.

Any financial responsibility due to damage to the lodge, personal death or injury, including and not limited to electrical fire, caused by illegal vehicle charging will be the responsibility of the person doing the illegal charging. All legal fees associated with the incident will also be the responsibility of the offending party.

Lodge Wellness Protocol

If you or your guests are experiencing any symptoms of illness, including but not limited to fever, chills, cough, sneezing, runny nose, fatigue, diarrhea, or stomach problems, do not visit the lodge.

Should you or your guests experience any of the aforementioned symptoms during your stay at the lodge, we kindly ask that you leave the premises immediately.

Allergy symptoms are excluded. Cold or allergy which is it?

In the event that you or your guests receive a positive COVID test result while at the lodge or after a recent stay, we request that you self-report your status to the Board of Directors. bodapres@googlegroups.com